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Google Ads reklama

Google Ads advertising

NUO 575€

Google Ads (ex. Adwords) is an effective advertising platform that makes businesses visible.

Be visible in the first few lines of Google search results, and only pay when a person clicks on your ad to visit your website. If used properly, this advertising method can become your strongest advertising weapon. A precise strategy, with the right cost allocation, is the path to advertising success.

Google Ads package:

  • Developing an advertising strategy.
  • Executing your advertising strategy.
  • Creating and structuring advertising campaigns and ads.
  • Selecting relevant keywords.
  • Advertising maintenance and optimisation.
Google Ads reklama

Managing social networks

NUO 150€/MĖN.

Professional communication development for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social platforms. Maintenance and promotion are an inseparable part of communication and image building. They are key to the development of a company's social media marketing. Our team manages a large number of business pages on social networks and in each of them discovers the best ways of communication and the way to the hearts of users.

Social media management workflow:

  • We will develop a strategy for managing social media networks.
  • We'll develop an accurate social media content plan.
  • We will prepare the necessary visual material to represent your business.
  • We will oversee the proper algorithmic publishing of entries.
  • We will analyse statistics and the effectiveness of social networks.
  • We will provide a clear and understandable report.
Socialinių tinklų administravimas

SEO optimisation

NUO 575€/MĖN.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process by which the right keywords help make your website content more visible and help it rank higher in search results. Optimised websites have a better chance of ranking in the top 10 for popular queries.

We provide the following SEO optimisation services:

  • Research and analysis.
  • Internal and external website SEO optimisation.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • An SEO strategy designed just for you.

Graphic design services

FROM 45€

A great impression of your business is inseparable from an attractive, creative and professional look, so let us take care of the graphic design.

We do the following graphic design work:

  • Corporate identity and logo design.
  • Promotional print.
  • Layout work.
  • Promotional banners.

Social media advertising

NUO 575€

It's an effective way to be visible, have a good image and make sales. Our advertising professionals operating in the global market will properly prepare and optimise your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) paid advertising campaigns.

  • We'll develop a paid advertising strategy.
  • We’ll effectively manage your advertising campaigns.
  • We will analyse statistics and the effectiveness of social networks.
  • We will provide a clear and understandable report.

Photography for your business

Unique shots not only improve the company's image, but also attract more attention from customers. Our team will help you be unique. From photography to preparing content for communication.

Remote Facebook and Instagram training

Nuo 150€/h

This is a great opportunity to learn how to make the most of Facebook and Instagram social networks. The e-learning will give you clear, detailed steps on how to communicate properly and get the best results on Facebook and Instagram. From creating engaging content to preparing promotional captions and successfully communicating with customers. After purchasing the training you will receive all the necessary information slides and advice in case of any uncertainties.

Social media training content:

  • The difference between Facebook and Instagram.
  • Latest trends and algorithms.
  • Page management and settings.
  • Strategy and plan development.
  • The right communication for your business.
  • Fundamentals of advertising.
  • Results analysis.

Website development

NUO 500€

We will design a website for your business according to your needs and criteria. We are ready for non-standard solutions that may lead to the customers' opinion of your business. If you want a job well done and the best solutions for your business - we are at your service.

Website development workflow:

  • Coordination of technical work.
  • Signing the contract.
  • Prototyping and project design.
  • Developing programming and mobile versions of the project.
  • Testing and filling.
  • Migration to your server and connection.
Svetainių kūrimas
Svetainių kūrimas
Individualus pasiūlymas

Individual proposal

Want a special offer for your business? Identify your business's top priorities, contact us for a full analysis of your advertising strategy and the best service offer.

  • We'll help you set goals and priorities.
  • We'll provide a complete advertising strategy for your business
  • We'll give you the best package deal exclusively for you.
Individualus pasiūlymas

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